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Intervention, 2012

Festival 4+4 Pohybu

A pair of drowsy Asians, a singer high on cocaine singing pop hits from all the European nations, and members of the security team who kept on increasing in number, creeping into the space.

Festival goers were set upon by actions by Farm in the Cave company members (and more than a dozen non-professional performers) in the former casino. Audience members themselves changed from observers into the observed, from onlookers into actual actors.

The intervention in the casino is former casino at Pařížská 25 in Prague is part of the non-theater based line of the company’s work, on the border of performance and visual installation, where the installation and the action and the event in which one finds oneself are one and the same. The action makes a metaphor out of the location of the casino, and corresponds to the dismal socio-political situation.