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Sounding Bodies

Sounding bodies

Physical Theatre Workshop – Voice / Movement
Collaboration with Cecile da Costa (performer,singer)

Breath. Voices within our bodies. Immediate dances. What makes you move?
How can my voice enrich my physical action and vice-versa?

Through simplicity can be achieved an endless variations of connections with the space, the partners, the body, the voice. 

Reveal your voice in a creative process, as an extension of the body, searching how and from where the sound resonates. Explore the vibration of the voice to understand that the sound creates movements and movements can sound. How can it work together or in opposition? How can my voice enrich my physical action and vice-versa.

Sounding bodies aims to create space and opportunity for the development of an individual physical tongue capable of complex subtle expression.

We will focus on individualities, listen and follow the creative impulse of the moment and choose how to use it at its best potential.

Sounding bodies welcomes a wild public, professional and non professional performing artists, actors, dancers, singers, movers…who are interested in the voice and movement as means of expression. 

Sounding Bodies is a collaboration between Ti Nguyen and Cecile Da Costa (actress, singer, performer), sharing their respective work and inspirations on the process of creation and interpretation.