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Disconnected, 2016

Disconnected is a unique blend of installation, documentary and physical theatre, which arose from the observation of hikikomori. Withdrawn into themselves, (in)voluntarily imprisoned in their apartments and rooms, which they don’t leave for months, years, sometimes even entire decades. There are hundreds of thousands of them. A generation in crisis? A disease of contemporary society? Hikikomori.
Awarded piece of the Year 2016 by Czech Dance Platform.
Nomination Dancer of the Year 2016 for Minh Hieu Nguyen interpretation in this show.


« Minh Hieu Nguyen physical virtues and virtuosity allow her to express her dance »… « performs a fragile androgyn in
Disconnected, she is a vibrant butterfly and a slim confident in Whistleblowers, exotic and introspective, flexible and
plastic, touching and disturbing. »

Nina Vangeli Divadelni Noviny, 28.04.2014 and 26.04.2016