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Dance Theatre
Research / Creation / Interpretation

One shot. Dressup. Undress. Inbetween. What happens?

Choreographic Lab based on video captures of surrounding realities.



Through different impacts and concepts of research based on concrete and abstract tools, the participants will have the opportunity to lead their own journey by gathering primal matters that will support their inspiration to create physical material.


By processing and sharing the primal matters, we will search the associations that emerge from the imagination and the body. Opening lines of movement, play with physical principles, body textures, will lead to the composition of the choreographic material. 


By improvising the choreographic material created, solo and group, the participants will be encouraged to play with rhythm, quality, space, musicality, intention in order to rise up what happens underneath, in order to catch unpredictable moments, in order to develop and enrich the possibilities. 

Layers workshop welcomes professional and non-professional performing artists who are interested in the body and movement as means of expression.